Let OOMag handle your DevOps

Let us take care of all the headaches associated with infrastructure maintenance. We design, migrate, test and monitor, so you could sleep soundly at night.

Why DevOps is the way to go:

It speeds up the development process

Increases the frequency of releases

Facilitates immediate response to malfunctions

Ensures speedy recovery

Fault-proofs the system

Helps cut overhead expenses

The value of DevOps is undeniable

But what if your business doesn’t have the resources to implement it?

Well, that’s when you call on the DevOps experts from OOMag.

Outsourcing DevOps gives you:

A solid team of experts

24 / 7 / 365 Support

Optimal value for money

OOMag offers the complete spectrum of services that ensure your systems operate smoothly and fail-safe.

What we offer:


Software development automation, compilation, testing and rollout. Version control and backup configuration set-up.

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Network stability monitoring, SLA support and incident management. Custom dashboards and instant alerts.

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System Engineering

Designing and implementing scalable fault-tolerant architecture with the use of cloud-based solutions.

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Partial and complete migration from local to cloud-based infrastructure without altering the architectural design.

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Still haven’t made up your mind?

Let’s compare the process of implementing DevOps using in-house staff versus outsourcing it to experts:

In-house DevOps

  • Lengthy and costly personnel training
  • Arduous search and hiring of competent staff
  • Paying overtime for repairs and maintenance

Outsourced DevOps

  • A ready-to-go team of professionals
  • All the necessary equipment and software is already on hand
  • Free mentorship for your staff
  • No extra charges outside the contract

Make the right decision for your project

Hiring OOMag to implement DevOps into your project is the most cost-efficient way to ensure the smooth operation of your infrastructure.

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