CI/CD (Continuous integration & Continuous delivery)

Quick deployment is your competitive advantage in a market where taking your time could mean losing money.

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What does CI/CD include?

Continuous Integration (СI)

Code updates are introduced frequently, up to several times a day. Each version is backed up in the repository. Automated testing is applied to every iteration. Continuous testing ensures that new pieces of code integrate smoothly into existing software, which speeds up the development process.

Continuous Delivery (СD)

Continuous delivery means rolling-out code after each new integration. Continuous roll-out is a fully automated process that does not require supervision from the team.

What you get as a result:

Quick rollout

Ten times faster than the traditional development method.

High degree of stability

All errors and bottlenecks get eliminated upon testing.

Business advantages

Takes mere days to go from Idea to Release. You’re always ahead of the curve.

OOMag will take your project’s development to a whole new level by integrating the CI/CD methodology.

The tools we use

Our Prices

The “СI/CD” Package

Designing and integrating CI/CD for 1 project. Version control, automatic testing based on the customer’s cases.


Includes up to 5 micro-services, but no more than 10 containers.

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