Designing Highload Systems

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What does the service include?


We lay the architectural foundation down for a high load from the very start of the project. You can feel safe knowing that your project will be able to handle thousands of users off-the-bat and will grow to accommodate an even wider audience.

Load management

We optimize database requests and collect data on system performance to evaluate the need for scaling the capacity.


We spread out the load between several sockets and bring in additional resources where needed.

What you get as a result:

High productivity

Your project isn’t just available during peak hours, but it maintains its optimal performance.

Growth potential

A well-designed highload service is ready to be scaled at any moment.

Unlimited resources

Cloud-based design enables you to get immediate access to additional resources right when you need them.

Highload system design with OOMag is the architectural foundation of your success.

The tools we use

Our Prices

The “Highload Service Design” Package

Designing Highload Systems


Designing a HA/FT system, database replication, assistance in selecting the right DBMS.

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