The stability of your project’s infrastructure is essential to its commercial viability.

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What does Monitoring include?


We automate the monitoring processes, ensuring reliable and efficient feedback with the product and its surroundings.

You’ll be able to control the following aspects in real time:
  • API availability for internal and external services;
  • Server load (memory, sockets, storage, network);
  • DDoS (number of requests per second);
  • All other configurable parameters.

Upon your request all monitoring data can be presented in the form of a dashboard. Our specialists will visualize all sorts of server data: MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Firebird, ODBC and others..


Notifications about all crucial changes will be sent out immediately and in a targeted manner. All stakeholders will receive detailed information to facilitate a rapid response and eradicate the issue. You can select the channels you’d like to receive the alerts through. It can be instant messengers, e-mail, SMS or robo-calls.

What you get as a result:


Your project is under the control of highly qualified engineers.


Remote monitoring is much cheaper than maintaining in-house maintenance staff.


You always have your hand on the pulse and can either prevent an incident or minimize its consequences.

Monitoring services from OOMag not only ensure the stability of your project, but your worry-free night sleep as well.

The tools we use

Our Prices

The “Monitoring and Alerts” Package

Designing and integrating the system stability monitoring processes, round the clock SLA-support and instant alerts.


Includes 1 host, monitoring up to 4 times a minute.

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